Pathway Program

The PGIC University Transfer Program (UTP) is designed for the student whose goal is to study at a North American college or university. PGIC's English Communication Program (ECP) is the first step to develop the student's conversation, grammar, reading and writing skills, and is essential in preparing the student for the University Transfer Program. The focus at all levels is on functional and academic English, supported by the appropriate grammar for each level.

Why Choose PGIC's Pathway?

With our comprehensive approach to academic preparation, transfer students graduate with the skills necessary for essay and report writing, listening and note-taking, presenting, researching and time management they will need to be successful in college and university. While learning advanced English language skills, students become acculturated to the methods of critical thinking and organization that are key to success at the tertiary level. We work carefully with each student to ensure preparation in all of the skill areas needed for academic success, offering extra support such as Academic Counseling sessions with our teachers, and free after school Workshops.