PGIC Admissions Policy:

1. Students must have the proper required and valid entry visa.
2. Students must have travel health insurance.
3. Students must present a passport or other government issued ID.
4. Students must partake in a PGIC entrance placement test. The written test may be administered online and the interview must be completed with a PGIC teacher or staff member.

PGIC English Only Policy:

Students must use English at all times in school and at official school events!

If you do not follow the English Only Policy:
First time: You will receive a Yellow Card. This is a warning.
Second time: You will receive a Red Card. The student goes home for 24 hours.
Third time: You may be expelled from PGIC. If you are expelled, the student does NOT receive a refund.

Attendance Policy:

Students must have 85% attendance overall to study at PGIC.


  1. If you have less than 85% attendance overall, you will be placed on probation.
  2. You will be put on probation after missing 3 of any class (AM, M/W, or T/TH).
  3. If you are on probation, you must follow the probation rules or you may be expelled. If you are expelled, you will NOT receive a refund.

Certificate of Completion

  1. You cannot be promoted if you do not have 85% attendance or more during the session.
  2. You cannot receive a certificate of completion if you do not have 85% attendance or more overall when you leave PGIC.

Class Participation Policy:

Students sign an agreement on their first day at school and commit to participate actively and do their best in their studies.

  1. You must complete all homework assignments on time and to the standard expected for your language level.
  2. You should ask questions if there is any doubt about in-class or homework assignments.


Students receive at least 1 hour of homework every day.

Levelling Up:

In order to level up, students need to pass the current level, including a full progress report and communication assessment. Students who aim to make up before completing an entire level must be recommended by their teacher to do a Challenge test.

Harassment Policy:

PGIC recognizes the right of its students to learn in an environment free from harassment, and will treat seriously allegations of harassment at PGIC.

All students should be aware that harassment on any of the grounds covered by the human rights legislation is unacceptable conduct at PGIC and will not be tolerated. Any student who is found to have engaged in harassing behavior, or who is found to have intentionally made a false allegation of harassment during the period of his / her contract with PGIC will be subject to discipline up to and including suspension or expulsion.

Definition of Harassment

For the purposes of this policy, harassment will be defined in accordance with the applicable human rights legislation.

Harassment is a form of discrimination and may occur on any of the grounds set out in human rights legislation or upon any other ground that is prohibited by law. These grounds include:

race ancestry place of origin
colour marital of family status physical or mental disabilit
sex religion political belief
age sexual orientation

Harassment refers to inappropriate conduct or comments that:

  • relate to one of the grounds listed above
  • is unwelcome to the recipient, and
  • would reasonably be expected to negatively affect the learning and work environment at PGIC.

Harassment is most commonly related to a pattern of conduct, but a single incident in some circumstances, may constitute harassment.

Normal social interactions at PGIC and the exercise of appropriate teacher or administrative authority will not constitute harassment.

Sexual Harassment Policy:

Policy Statement Part I

PGIC does not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind. Indeed, the institution regards sexual harassment as unacceptable behaviour that is subject to a wide range of disciplinary measures, including dismissal or expulsion from PGIC.

All members of the PGIC community have a responsibility to ensure that the school’s working and learning environment is free from sexual harassment. Campus Directors bear the primary responsibility for encouraging and maintaining a working and learning environment free from sexual harassment. They are free to act, and should act, on this responsibility, whether or not they are in receipt of individual complaints. It is the obligation of Campus Directors to be familiar with this policy and, where appropriate, to undertake training, in order to ensure that they are able to fulfill these responsibilities.

Purpose Part II

The purposes of this policy are:

  1. to be educational, in that its existence will increase awareness of and sensitivity to the negative impact of sexual harassment;
  2. to prevent sexual harassment by indicating the seriousness with which PGIC views this issue;
  3. to provide fair procedures for handling complaints when they do occur.